About the Department


Welcome to the Department of History’s web site! The Department of History was founded with the College of Humanities in the year 2000. We believe that History, which emphasizes an understanding (in depth) of changes in various societies over time, plays a major role in general education for all students: historical training can not only broaden greatly their understanding of the world through the experiences of others, but also develop their ability to communicate well and think clearly and analytically.


We currently have 15 full-time academic staff and a number of part-time academics offering courses and postgraduate supervision in a wide range of subjects, such as Chinese History, Taiwanese History, European History, and American History.


Though young, the department proudly hosts programs for both undergraduate and postgraduate study and training. Our department offers historical studies specialized in three fields: Taiwanese History, Chinese History, and World History. Faculty research activity and interests include both traditional and new fields, such as cultural history, political discourse, religious history, social history, legal history and world history. Our course is designed for a growing need for an advanced study in history and also other related disciplines; students are asked to explore in depth the sources for such study. Besides, the Department holds a close link with the National Central Library and the Academia Sinica, especially in the fields of ancient Chinese History and western history. Academic exchanges and joint supervision of research degrees can be freely arranged.


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